Episode 522: How to Build a Client Journey – Sean Brown

Potential clients see your amazing work posted on social media.  They also see a similar style of images from your competition.  What unique strategies can you use to set yourself apart in order to book those clients?

Send your clients on a virtual journey of what it is like to work with you! Sean Brown joins us for episode 522 of The Bokeh Podcast to explain how to convey the client journey in your marketing efforts. Listen in to hear strategies for not only building out the steps for your client journey but also sharing it in a strategic way that will sell them before they even speak with you!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (3:41)

Biggest lesson learned since Sean’s first episode (14:30)

Why photographers need to do more than just “show up” on social media (20:23)

How is “client journey” defined by Sean? (23:50)

Phases in a client journey (36:09)
1. Before the session
2. During the session
3. After the session
4. Educational/Marketing

What are the keys to the educational/marketing phase? (40:35)
1. Explain the “why” behind the services you offer (features and benefits)
2. Differentiate your SM content to best fit the different platforms and phases of the client journey

Advice for photographers to begin thinking like a CEO (48:00)

How to build the “during the session” phase of your client’s journey (50:49)

How to multi-task during a session in order to capture content for Social Media (56:05)

Sean’s first Bokeh episode – Episode390
Sean’s vlog of the client journey