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Episode 521: Brand Position Consultation – Kirsten Ogden

What are you doing to stand out amongst the throngs of photographers in your market? A strong, distinct brand positioning is a great place to start.

In episode 521 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kirsten Ogden of Kirsten J. Photography joins us to dig into how she can set herself apart in her market as a wedding and couple’s photographer focusing on adventurous couples. Listen in to hear the recommendations and ideas that will help her stand out from her competition!

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Show Notes

Definition of a Brand Position Statement: (2:55)
A unique value proposition (UVP) that sets your business apart from the competition in your market.

Benefits of a Clear and Distinct Brand Positioning: (3:50)
A. Enables Potential Clients to Immediately Know Your UVP
B. Filters Irrelevant Potential Clients
C. Simplifies/Focuses Marketing Efforts
D. Encourages Better Time Management

Focus and location of Kirsten’s photography business (6:08)

What sets Kirsten apart from her competition? (13:25)

Pain points of client base (19:15)

Kirsten’s motivation for starting her photography business (26:10)

Analysis of competition (39:35)

Potential Brand Position Statements (1:01:27)
Christchurch’s Premier Photographic Experience for Couples
Christchurch’s Premier Photographer for Couples
The South Island’s Premier Photographic Experience


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