Episode 390: How to Build a Senior Photography Brand – Sean Brown

Have you decided to market yourself as a senior portrait photographer, but want to create a high-end experience for your seniors (and their parents)?

In episode 390 of the Bokeh Podcast, Sean Brown joins us to discuss creating a once in a lifetime experience for his seniors, and how to approach marketing your unique brand. Listen in as he shares the different pain points that seniors and their parents have and how to solve them.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Genuinely care about your clients (2:44)

Brand Position: Creating a high-end, once in a lifetime photo experience. (5:17)

Initial Investment with Sean: Starting at $2500 (7:01)

Technique for Time: Batch working. (11:30)

“Done is better than perfect.” – Anonymous

Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing, Video Production, and CRM (15:09)

Book Recommendations: (18:42)
Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk
Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Sean’s Experience (22:35)

Building a Senior Photography Experience (29:29)
1. Develop a senior rep program (influencer marketing).
2. Share your features and benefits from the beginning. (35:09)
3. Marketing with video. (41:46)
4. Email marketing (46:09)

Pain Points for Parents vs Seniors (39:45)

Free Download: https://mailchi.mp/d207509df4a9/your-senior-photography-starter-kit