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Episode 389: 2 Keys to Better Album Sales – Melissa Jill

Do you want to offer albums to your customers, but struggle with the selling process and turning your pitches into profits?

In episode 389 of the Bokeh Podcast, Melissa Jill explains how showing albums and simplifying the options makes for better album sales from your clients. Listen in as she shares more about her passion behind album sales and why she started Align Album Design.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Helping photographers succeed at albums by becoming part of their team and offer education. (2:33)

Customer Experience: Be kind. (6:01)

Technique for Time: Manage your goals and choose where to spend your time. (9:20)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Editing, Office Manager, Album Design, Housecleaning, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Web Design, Blogging. (12:28)

Inspiration: Faith and nature.

Content Creation and Brainstorming Sessions (20:33)

Key Concepts for Album Sales: (23:14)
1. Show
2. Simplify

“Our job is to remove obstacles to the sale.” (32:23)

Resources from Align:
Album Startup Kit
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Elizabeth Gelineau’s 6 Tips for Styling Albums

The Paradox of Choice – bit.ly/bp-poc