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Episode 388: Sales Funnels for Photographers – Humberto Garcia

Are you searching for the perfect sales funnel to turn your audience into paying customers?

In episode 388 of the Bokeh Podcast, Humberto Garcia of The Digital Marketing Studio joins us to discuss advertising platforms and successful sales funnels for photographers! Listen in as he shares 3 principles to sales funnels that convert!

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Show Notes

Motorcycles (1:28)

Humberto’s Background in the Marines (4:36)

Customer Service: Being obsessed with your product or craft. (17:03)

Brand Position: Marketing agency for photographers with open communication and transparent results. (20:53)

Technique for Time: Delegate to a team of people with the 2 hour day. (25:58)

Delegation/Outsourcing (30:42)

Book Recommendation: Self educate in all free resources. (37:16)

Sales Funnels in the Photography Industry (40:17)

Three Principles to Sales Funnels (49:15)
1. Message
2. Dissemination
3. Conversions

Advertising Platforms for Photographers (60:05)
Facebook – Non-lifetime Events (Families, Boudoir, Children Sessions)
Google – Lifetime Events