Episode 486: How to Be Consistent on Social Media – Maranda Joiner

Posting multiple times a day. Liking and commenting on as many posts as possible each day. Responding to DMs within an hour…welcome to social media burnout.

Consistency and frequency are not synonyms when it comes to presence on social media! Take the advice given by Maranda Joiner in episode 486 of the Bokeh Podcast, and start paying attention to the data that your audience is giving you! Listen in as she shares strategies for being intentional and consistent when planning and showing up on Social Media.

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Show Notes

How can we have more clarity when talking with potential clients? (5:10)

Maranda’s Brand Position (12:04)

Maranda’s book:
A Lot Alike: What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Branding and Purpose

Should we be spending a lot of time on Social Media if we aren’t getting engagement? (17:20)
Questions to ask yourself:
1. Are you using the language of the platform to speak to that audience?
2. Is your messaging what your audience really wants to hear?
3. Is there intention in everything you do on Social Media?

How often should we post to Social Media in order to be “consistent”? (27:16)

Intentionality when posting to Social Media (32:34)

Strategies for engaging and responding on Social Media (35:50)

How can we avoid burnout with Social Media? (48:14)
1. Planning
2. Include variety
2. Outsource if needed

Maranda’s previous Bokeh Podcast Episode 451: Building a Brand on Your Passion