Episode 487: The Fusion of Street and Wedding Photography – Kanayo Adibe

“Street photography is the palate cleanser for my wedding photography.”

Hear this and more in episode 487 of The Bokeh Podcast as Kanayo Adibe describes how he marries skills learned in street photography to his work as a wedding photographer. Listen as Kanayo explains which three main elements of photography are the keys to fusing the two genres together to achieve beautiful, emotional images.

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Show Notes

Kanayo’s definition of his street photography: Documenting the Human Condition (6:08)

What initially drew Kanayo to street photography? (7:10)

Elements of good street photography (12:12)
1. Light
2. Composition
3. Moment

Inspiration for Kanayo’s street photography (18:43)

Aside from light, composition and moment, what additional elements of street photography are useful in wedding photography? (25:20)
1. Heightened senses
2. Ability to pull stories together

Kanayo’s Brand Position (29:33)

Book Recommendations: (38:29)
The Suffering of Light by Alex Webb
Cuba: Island at a Crossroad by David Alan Harvey
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne