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Episode 488: Boudoir Photography and Body Acceptance – Jessica Hunt

We all want to feel accepted as we are, and nowhere else does this hold more true than when we have a little less clothing on than normal!

In episode 488 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jessica Hunt shares how she is intentional about making every client feel comfortable, cared for, and celebrated – regardless of body type, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. Listen in to hear how she structures her boudoir sessions to turn them into an empowering, confidence-inspiring experience!

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Show Notes

Jessica’s entrance into and inspiration for boudoir photography  (5:32)

Jessica’s brand position (19:44)

How does Jessica define “body shaming”? (27:09)

How to avoid the potential of excluding certain body types in your boudoir photography work (32:55)

How Jessica sets the tone prior to the shoot  (46:10)

Steps taken during the shoot to ensure clients feels comfortable: (59:28)
1. Pampering the client with hair/makeup/nails by a professional
2. Friendly conversation between Jessica and the client in order to get to know each other
3. Reinforcement of the safe space for the client
4. Client-specific playlists are created to be played during the session

Hiding a body vs. posing according to how the client wants to be seen (1:08:20)

Jessica’s First Bokeh Podcast Interview: Episode 143