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Episode 143: Wedding Publications and the Importance of Inclusion – Jessica Hunt

Have you noticed a lack of diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry? From portfolios to publications, there is room for each of us to further diversify our businesses, and to encourage others to do the same!

Listen in to episode 143 of the Bokeh podcast, as Jessica Hunt discusses how she was able to develop a more inclusive business model through work with industry publications, and shares ways that we as photographers can be more considerate in our efforts at promoting and exemplifying diversity.

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Be intentional about when you’re working and when you’re not working.

The Lesson: Don’t compare your success to the success of others. Success is different for everyone.

The Gear Bag: 50mm 1.2 on a Canon 5d Mark III

4 Steps to Getting Published
1. Preparation – Get to know your couple, their vendors, their story, and their wedding day timeline so you can prepare to capture images for them and the publications.
2. The Wedding Day Details – Make sure that what you’re shooting is a comprehensive representation of the wedding. This includes the big venue shot, the ceremony and reception space without guests, etc).
3. Choosing the Photos – You’ll want to submit between 100-150 photos to a publication that capture beauty, details, and emotion to tell a story.
4. Research Publications – Research who you’re submitting to and make sure your work fits their niche and style.

How to Promote Inclusion in Your Business:
1. Reflect and evaluate yourself and see where you sit in your own biases.
2. Reach out to other business owners and start talking about inclusion so you can work together to change.
3. Create imagery of inclusivity and sharing it in your portfolio.

Resources for Diversity & Inclusion:
Catalyst Wedding Co
Tomayia Colvin Education
Nova Reed of Nu Bride

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