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Episode 144: 3 Steps to Becoming an International Wedding Photographer – Miriam Salgado

Do you aspire to travel internationally while working as a photographer, yet struggle to find ways of making it a profitable business?

In episode 144 of the Bokeh Podcast, Miriam Salgado shares how she united her love of wedding photography and international travel and built her career. Listen as she provides three steps to becoming an international wedding photographer and how you should be charging for it.

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Show Notes

Time Technique: Block off your time.

Lesson Learned: You can say no.

The Gear Bag: Pelican Case, Sony a6500, Sony a7r2, Sony a99

Biggest Challenges of Photographing Internationally:
1. Making the time work with you and your family.
2. Knowing how to charge for international travel and wedding.

How to Charge for International Weddings:
1. Charge for Your Work
2. Travel Fees
3. Lodging for the time you’re there for the wedding.

Three Steps to Become an International Wedding Photographer:
1. Make sure this is what you want to do. You’ll be traveling, working with other timezones, putting forth effort to be found, etc.
2. Research and register on wedding websites in the countries you want to shoot in.
3. Reach out to vendors and coordinators on social media in the countries you want to shoot in.

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