Episode 497: Failure: Free Tuition to the School of Business – Madison Banks

We all make mistakes. How we respond to them determines whether we fail forward or fail backward.

Madison Banks faced several moments of failure over the last few years, including being bullied on social media.  Listen in to episode 497 of The Bokeh Podcast to learn how she was proactive in her response to those situations, which allowed her to not only move forward, but also boost her business and personal growth to the next level.

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Show Notes

Best piece of advice for new photographers (6:33)

What does the word “failure” mean to Madison (14:47)

Examples of “failures” Madison has had over the past few years (19:25)

What are the top 3  lessons learned for moving beyond failure? (34:23)
1. Don’t let the failure define your journey as a business owner
2. Don’t let the failure define the way you treat your friends and family
3. When you make a mistake, stop what you’re doing and correct it

How Madison dealt with naysayers (46:29)

How does Madison balance self-confidence with client perception of her work? (56:07)

Madison’s 1st Bokeh Podcast Episode 408