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Episode 408: How to Book Weddings Quickly in Your First Year – Madison Banks

Are you ready to have a booked wedding schedule for your new photography business?

In episode 408 of the Bokeh Podcast, Madison Banks joins us to share how she managed to book a full schedule in her first year of business. Listen in as she shares how connecting with potential clients and creating an amazing experience before they book converts more clients.

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Show Notes

Based in: Bluffton, Buford, Hilton Head, SC
Also Markets in Atlanta, Warner Robbins, Macon, GA

Brand Position: Photographing real life bride and grooms, flattering everybody, as well as providing clients with the experience of joy and excitement while giving them a sense of community. (5:47)

Customer Experience: Connect with and care for your clients on more than just a business level. (11:07)

Technique for Time: Find your own rythm. (16:23)

Delegation/Outsourcing (20:35)

Education Recommendations: The Bokeh Podcast (27:17)

Inspiration: The Chef’s Table (28:06)

Madison’s Background (33:26)

Two Ideas to Book More Clients (38:24)
1. Focus on the client’s personality (over their looks)
2. Focus on their chemistry with you, the photographer.

Focusing on Personality and Making Clients Feel Confident: (42:39)
1. Manage expectations.
2. Maintain your tone of voice.

FaceTime Call Questions (51:12)
How did you meet?
Why did you inquire with me?
What are you looking to get out of the client experience?

Tomas Flint’s Episode: bit.ly/bp-63