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Episode 441: How to Think About Diversifying Your Income – Sam Hurd

We live in an entrepreneurial space where our income options are limitless when we decide to diversify our revenue streams!

In episode 441 of the Bokeh Podcast, Sam Hurd joins us to  share how to approach a diversifying your income and the questions to consider when planning for a a potential revenue stream.

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Winner of 0 Awards (8:07)

Brand Position: Emphasizing the creative, most strange, least expected couples of the couple (17:01)

Photo Mentioned in Episode (22:15)

Everything you need to know to have a virtual wedding in 2020

Book Recommendations: I Will Teach You to Be Rich (27:35)


Diversifying Income (31:20)

Questions to Ask Regarding a New Revenue Stream: (39:47)
1. Is there a demand?
Ex: Do people actually ask you questions about your talent/photos?
2. Are you capable of executing this new revenue stream?
Ex: Teaching – breaking things down and explaining it thoroughly?
3. Can this additional stream be generated efficiently?
4. Is this sustainable?

Creating Patreon (44:35)

Approach to Adding Value (55:34)

Being Honest with Yourself (59:55)

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