Episode 442: A Different Take on Customer Service – Cat Williams

After an amazing conversation at this year’s Photo Cookout Conference with Cat Williams, I knew she was a perfect guest for the podcast!

If you’re ready to take your customer service experience to the next level, listen in as Cat shares a powerful concept that will ensure you’re approaching your customer service strategy with intention!

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Show Notes

Meet the Curator (2:47)

Approaching Customer Experience as a Curator (5:42)

Based: in Houston, TX (9:36)

Ladiiva Kreations Origin (11:17)

Customer Experience: Personalization makes it everything. (15:10)

Technique for Time: Find a happy medium with your work/life balance. (20:16)
– Adjust the 9-5 Work Schedule
– PTO from the FT job is PTO from the photo business.
– Set dedicated working hours.

Outsourcing/Delegation: In-Person Sales (24:31)

Book Recommendations: Soar by TD Jakes (28:46)

Overcoming Fear (31:35)


Downstream vs Upstream (51:18)
Upstream – Who you consider your vendors
Middle – You
Downstream – Your client

Applying Upstream/Downstream Concept to Business (1:01:55)
– Surveys to gain feedback
– Personalization in services