Episode 560: Defining Your Brand Position (Updated!) – Nathan Holritz

Want to really grab the attention of potential clients? Save the flowery wording for poems and spring flowers!

In episode 560 of the Bokeh Podcast, our host Nathan Holritz goes solo to give insight and advice on how to define your brand position, with a new and improved worksheet to guide you along the way! Tune in and be sure to download the FREE worksheet from mybrandposition.com to have a step-by-step guide through the episode. 

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Show Notes

Download the Free Updated Brand Position Worksheet at http://mybrandposition.com

Definition of a Brand Position Statement (5:19)

5 Benefits of a Clear and Distinct Brand Position (6:08)
1. Enables my business to stand out amidst the masses
2. Potential clients immediately know my unique value proposition
3. Filters irrelevant potential clients 
4. Simplifies/focuses my marketing efforts
5. Encourages better time management

6 Steps to Establishing a Clear, Distinct, and Effective Brand Position (9:30)
1. Establish a Big Picture View (9:36)
– Values
– Financial Goals
– Time Goals
2. Study Your Market (16:34)
3. Choose Your Position (21:26)
– Be the first to offer a service
– Be the first to own a service 
– Offer a unique variation of a service 
– Offer the service to a specific market segment 
4. Refine Your Messaging (30:48)
– Use relevant language  
– Be practical and direct 
– Be simple 
– Statement template (service, variation on the service, location, target market)
5. Share Your Brand Position Statement Prominently (46:10)
– Above the fold on the home page of your website
– Use big, bold font that is easily legible in a few seconds 
– Copy the same message to all social media profiles 
6. Match the Experience with the Message (54:10)

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