Episode 89: Branding, Social Media, and Consistency – Kate Supa

Do you struggle with creating consistent content for your social media pages that represents your brand?

In episode 89, photographer Kate Supa shares behind the scenes of her successful Instagram account. Listen in as she suggests four tips to creating consistency with your social media content.

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Show Notes

Kate’s Aha Moment: When she decided that photography was the career she wanted to pursue, she realized that she needed to stand out in a market that so many people were entering.

“Consistency is key across all of your social media channels.”

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4 Tips for Creating a More Consistent Feed:
1. If you’re not sharing photos of yourself, you should start. A good rule of thumb is have a photo of yourself posted somewhere in your last nine posts.
2. Utilize Instagram’s features to post photos that may not match your feed. For example, use the swipe feature to highlight a photo on your feed that matches and share the other photo in the same post.
3. If you’re using a filter, use the same one each time to keep your feed visually consistent.
4. Once you identify who your audience is, make sure your captions are identifying with those people and give them a reason to follow you.

Photographers Mentioned in this Episode:
Jasmine Star
Katelyn James

Instagram: @katesupaa
Website: katesupa.com
Facebook: Kate Supa