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Episode 90: How to Turn Your Passion into a Sustainable Business – Adam Mason

Are you looking to turn your passion for photography into a sustainable business?

In episode 90 of the Bokeh Podcast, Adam Mason shares about his start in photography, his role in educating entrepreneurs, and the passion that inspired it all. Listen as he provides three steps to build the foundation for a sustainable business.

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Show Notes

Adam’s Aha Moment: When first starting out in his business, Adam’s clients continued to mention that his personality and who he was made an impact on their decision to hire him. Eventually, Adam realized that he needed to incorporate himself into his branding.

Technique for Time: Halfway through each month, Adam and his wife will send each other the events they have planned and also share a calendar on Google doc.

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Adam’s Brand Position: Adam’s goal for his photography business is to capture photographs of couples that reflect them. He doesn’t want his images to say “Adam Mason,” he wants them to truly embody the couple. This positioning sets him apart from other DC area photographers.

The Gear Bag: 35mm 1.4

How to Maintain a Sustainable Business
1. Ensure that your business is profitable while managing business expenses.
2. Make time for your personal needs to establish a work-life balance so you don’t burn out.

Three Steps To Building a Sustainable Business
1. Determine the facets in your life and business that your passionate about to focus on that will benefit you the most.
2. Be yourself and let that shine in your work.
3. Go for your dreams.

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