Episode 91: 3 Steps to Healthy Hustle – Kylee Ann

Are you struggling to balance your personal life while you hustle in your professional life?

In episode 91 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kylee Ann of Kylee Ann Studios provides three steps that will allow you a healthier hustle to create the balance you desire. From adjusting your focus to reflecting on your priorities, Kylee shares personal examples of developing a healthy work-life balance.

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Show Notes

About Kylee: Kylee is a mom boss building businesses and community from the comfiest spot on her bed. As a photographer, an educator, a mom blogger and community builder, she leads an incredible team of photographers and employees and helps other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses. Her favorite part of the job is taking her children on adventures.

Kylee’s Aha Moment: When she realized that just because everyone else was giving up their time didn’t mean she had to, she found the best work/life balance.

3 Steps to Healthy Hustle:
1. Focus of the essential. What brings you joy, profit, and necessity?
2. Have family focused days that don’t include work.
3. Meditate and think about the bigger picture of your life and business

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Instagram: @kyleeannstudios