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Episode 490: A Pretty Website that Actually Books Clients – Karie Denny

Which is more effective in booking clients – the attractive elements of a website or the practical information shared on the pages?

Both! Karie Denny shares with us in episode 490 of The Bokeh Podcast that a professional website should be both aesthetically appealing AND informative! Listen in as she shares tips for what to avoid when designing your website, as well as key elements that are must-haves!

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Show Notes

Ace and Whim’s Brand Position (5:15)

Creating a great customer experience (9:33)
– Honesty
– Patience
– Persistence

Balancing time between family and running a business (17:49)

Book Recommendation (23:51)
Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

Elements of a website that are visually appealing but not necessarily helpful in converting clients: (29:16)
1. Using pretty fonts that are difficult to read
2. Too little copy
3. Designing a website for peers instead of potential clients

Strategies for effective website design: (46:41)
1. Clear and creative CTA’s (Calls to Action)
2. Include movement and transitions on your pages
3. Have a clear and present brand position
4. Offer a freebie that allows you to capture email/contact info
5. Create a visual flow