Episode 491: An Ambassador Program for Family Photography – Heather Floyd

You’ve likely heard of brand ambassadors, or even senior ambassadors, but have you considered incorporating ambassadors into your family photography business?

In episode 491, Heather Floyd gives away her secrets of how she developed an ambassador program for her adventure family photography business! Join in to hear the most important components for selecting ambassadors, as well as the value proposition for them. Sign us up!

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Show Notes

Heather’s Brand Position (4:30)

How Heather began marketing the adventure family photography idea (7:41)

What brought about the idea of starting an ambassador program? (14:14)

What are the most important components of an ambassador program? (16:55)
1. Find Ambassadors who are willing to “work” with you
2. Limit the number of Ambassadors
3. Make the Ambassadors feel special through having responsibilities
4. You make all of the decisions!

Value proposition for the Ambassador (various times throughout the conversation)
1. Free images
2. Surprise gifts throughout the year
3. Referral credits

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller