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Episode 537: A Practical Guide to Pricing – Catherine Guidry

Do you struggle with determining the appropriate pricing strategy for your services? Does the thought of creating a tiered pricing structure make your palms break out in a cold sweat?

Never fear, Catherine is here! In episode 537 of The Bokeh Podcast, Catherine Guidry shares her process for determining a pricing structure for a photography business that will not only allow you to make money, but also encourage your clients to “bump up” to the next pricing level! Listen in to hear the steps for how to determine the best pricing structure for your business!

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Show Notes

Brand Position (6:07)

Creating a great customer experience (11:51)

Technique for time management (18:30)

Outsourcing/Delegation (21:00)

Book recommendation (24:16)
Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Favorite piece of gear (27:02)
Nikkor-Z 1.2 lens

What was Catherine’s early experience with pricing? (29:48)

Catherine’s journey to educating other photographers about pricing  (34:36)

How pricing impacts different areas of a photography business (37:00)

What big ideas should photographers pay attention to when developing a pricing strategy (47:00)
1. Determine a solid base pricing guide based on your own needs
2. Decide what arrangement you will offer to clients
3. Develop a tiered pricing structure that will provide options for clients
4. Offer discounts on a la carte items

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