Episode 536: Making the Move from Weddings to Branding – Abby Grace

“Brand photography is understanding the mindset of your client’s client, not just shooting for the gratification of the business owner or to earn likes on social media.”

In episode 536 of the Bokeh Podcast, Abby Grace explains how photographers must approach brand photography in a different way than other forms of photography in order to meet the wants of needs of their clients. Listen in to hear not only what to avoid when transitioning to brand photography, but also key principles to follow when starting a new brand photography business in order to be successful.

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Show Notes

Brand Position (3:36)

Creating a great customer experience for brand photography (8:00)

Technique for time management (11:54)

Book Recommendations
Deep Work by Cal Newport
Traction by Gino Wickman

What was the motivation that led Abby to transition from weddings to brand photography (23:08)

How did Abby transition into brand photography without getting lost in the mix (31:55)

Things to avoid when making the move into brand photography (39:10)
1. Avoid approaching brand photography as you approach wedding or family photography
2. Don’t emulate what everyone else is doing – set your client apart from their competition

Big ideas for building a new brand photography business (41:20)
1. Hand pick clients who need new brand photos (beta clients)
2. Prep a website for the new brand photography business (don’t mix 2 audiences on 1 website!)
3. Launch! Make the launch a big event!
4. Sell socially – solve a client’s’ problem and highlight that rather than pushing direct CTA’s