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Episode 416: What Medium Should I Print On? – Jaclynn Wilkinson

Are you ready to offer print products, but haven’t researched the potential materials you can print on?

In episode 416 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jaclynn Wilkinson of Love in Ink joins us to share a few considerations when choosing your print medium. Listen in as she describes some of the most popular mediums and how the printing process can impact your final product.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Diverse wedding photography for Washington State. (1:54)

Customer Experience: Response times. (4:25)

Technique for Time: Plan for time off so you can have the full day off. (9:17)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing (12:15)

Inspiration: Other entrepreneurs and previous photographers. (16:52)

Book Recommendations: Anything that brings awareness to the subconscious. ex. The Gene Keys (19:07)

Love in Ink (22:48)

How Editing Style Effects Printing (30:54)
What kind of medium do you want to print on?

How Mediums Effect Images: No print medium is created equal. (34:06)

Metal – Best used for saturated prints with bold vivid colors. Durable aluminum for multiple display options as it’s easy to clean. (34:06)

Dye-Sublimation on Metal – Ink goes from gas to solid on he metal.

Acrylic – You can backlight acrylic. (37:12)

Glossy vs Matte Prints (38:21)
Glossy – The more glossy the paper, the more dynamic range it will support. Reflection can cause issues with displaying.
Matte – Low contrast images with bright skies, pastel colors, and flat light. Forgiving of all kinds of “flaws.”

Printer Profiles in Lightroom (45:02)

Canvas – Great for a painted effect and fits in with a lot of home decor. (49:23)