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Episode 115: Capturing My Client’s Wedding Day Vision – Lisa Meyer

Are you photographing weddings in a way that captures your client’s vision of their big day?

In episode 115 of the Bokeh Podcast, Lisa Meyer shares the importance of communication and expectation with clients prior to their wedding day. Listen as she provide tips on how to plan the wedding day timeline and set those expectations to deliver a vision your client will be proud to show off.

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Show Notes

Lisa’s Aha Moment: After a back to back wedding weekend, Lisa confused the two weddings and missed a shot requested by one of her brides. From then on she realized she needed to know her limits and treat each wedding as it’s own with preparation and detail.

Time Technique: Keep up with your workflow and don’t get behind.

Brand Position: Lisa puts herself out there as part of her brand and connects with her clients when she meets them.

The Gear Bag: EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries,

The Wedding Vision Process:
1. When a bride first books, establish whether they want to trust your creative judgement or if they have very specific needs for their wedding day.
2. Fine-tune the expectations and details during the engagement session.
3. Clearly establish the final expectations based on the wants of the client through examples for inspiration; if those examples cannot be met, explain why and how they could be.
4. Work with them to create a timeline that ensures all of their photos are captured, along with candid moments.

Website: lisameyerphotography.com
Facebook: Lisa Meyer Photography
Instagram: @lisameyerphotography
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