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Episode 116: Sharing Your Gift for Good – Laura Jennings

Are you looking to use your gift of photography in a way that gives back to others?

In episode 116, photographer Laura Jennings shares the impact photographers can have on families facing difficult times. Listen as she describes the beauty behind gifting your talents to others and how you can partner with Magic Hour Foundation to provide free sessions to families battling terminal cancer.

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Show Notes

Laura’s Aha Moment: You can’t please everyone. So finding a niche will allow you to find your ideal client.

Time Technique: Know your slow season and use that time to travel. Plan to keep one day of the week dedicated to family.

Brand Position: She specializes in sunset beach family portrait sessions for tourists.

The Gear Bag: Canon 5D Mark III, Sigma 35 mm

Magic Hour Foundation:

“I have been beyond blessed to have this talent, let alone make a business out of it that supports my family. And I felt like aside from the pro bono work I do on my own, it needed to be taken to a larger scale. That’s when I found the Magic Hour Foundation, which offers free photo services (and adorable keepsakes) for families battling terminal cancer, or survivors.

I met my first family in 2016 and it was honestly one the most rewarding and difficult things I’ve ever done.  Charlie was suffering from terminal brain cancer that was quite a battle for about 7 years. He ran marathons, has a wife and 2 teenage daughters and fought so hard.  They decided to take a final vacation to Panama City Beach to bring Charlie to the beach and try to relax as a family. That’s when I met them.

We went out to the beach at sunset for about 45 minutes and just talked, laughed, played, all while capturing their last moments together as a family. The way he looked at those girls was something they needed documented forever. I sobbed the entire walk back to my car and home, but had never felt so “accomplished” as a photographer, if that makes sense.

You forget sometimes that you are creating their legacy. These pictures are not only for them right now, but for generations to come.”

The Magic Hour Foundation Process:
1. You’ll receive a call from the Magic Hour Foundation, who provides you with the name, number, email, and status of a person in need of the service.
2. You’ll contact the family and set up an appointment and determine any special requests for the session.
3. Run through a session just like you would a normal session, but keep in mind the sensitivity and importance of these pictures.
4. After you edit the images, you’ll upload them to the Magic Hour Foundation portal.
5. MHF creates an online gallery and keepsake box of the prints for the client.

Website: www.ljenningsphotography.com
Instagram: @laurajenningsphotog
Facebook: Laura Jennings Photography
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