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Episode 114: Building a Business That Supports Your Dreams – Graham & Ashley Scobey

Does your business support the dreams you have for yourself and your family? It’s time to make those dreams a reality.

In episode 114 of the Bokeh Podcast, Graham and Ashley Scobey share how to ensure that your business supports your dreams, the steps to building that business, and how to maintain it.

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Show Notes

Ashley’s Aha Moment: There is no “there” when you’re looking at the future of your company and trying to get “there.” When they realized that, it allowed them to live in the now.

Graham’s Aha Moment: When working at Starbucks, his boss instilled in him that there is always something to do, so you shouldn’t be standing around waiting.

Time Technique:
1. Implementing workflows and systems that will save you time.
2. Being a husband/wife team has the advantage of handling the home and business with balance.
3. Outsourcing your work.

Brand Position: High end photographers and tellers of courageous love stories, specializing in creating art that allows for time-travel. Focus on who you are, not what you are.

The Three Pillars of their Brand:
1. Invest in People
2. Develop Relationships
3. Moments in Time

Three Steps to Building the Business of Your Dreams:
1. Take the dream and break it down into objectives (step by step process of getting to your how). Put the objectives on your calendar and honor the schedule.
2. Invite your community to hold you accountable.
3. Follow through with your plans.

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