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Episode 113: Tangible Photography: Between Art and Service – Nirit & Amir Karby

Have you been searching for a solution to deliver beautiful galleries and tangible products while acting as a client management system?

In episode 113, Nirit & Amir Karby share how they saw a need in the photography industry that led to the creation of Pic-Time. From simple, yet flexible features to automation, Pic-Time fulfills the needs of your business, while creating tangible products for your clients.

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Show Notes

Aha Moment: When launching Pic-Time, it was the first company that didn’t include investors or partners that they had to answer to; it was finally a company that was theirs.

Time Technique: When planning to take time off, delegation of team members to handle your work is key.

Pic-Time is a platform for gallery sharing, product ordering, client management, and more, created by artists and engineers to fulfill a need in the photography industry.

Three Factors Driving Pic-Time:
1. Simplicity
2. Flexibility
3. Automation

How Pic-Time Delivers Tangible Products:
1. Photographers choose their fulfiller.
2. Photographers can design albums or suggest prints.
3. There are a variety of print products.

Website: www.pic-time.com
Instagram: @pictime_us
Facebook: Pic-time