Episode 597: We Can Do Better as an Industry – Scott Josuweit

Look, it’s easy for us to get comfortable just going about things the way we normally do. But no one’s life ever changed – and certainly no industry grew – by being ok with status quo. And so that brings us to an important conversation with photographer Scott Josuweit in today’s episode. Scott has been in the industry for a bit, and he has some thoughts about how the photography industry can be better (online courses, anyone? 🤭). Join us for this thought-provoking conversation, and lend your own insights as well!

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Show Notes:

Scott’s Introduction (3:03)

What was the impetus for Scott’s Facebook post that caught Nathan’s attention? (6:45)

What does Scott think has influenced the tendency for photographers to back out or cancel at the last minute post-Covid? (10:03)

What is the solution for photographers who overbook or take on too much work? (14:50)

What is Scott’s Plan B for when an emergency pops up? (18:40)

Have we gotten a little “soft” when it comes to self-care? (22:25)

Scott’s perspective on photographers “bashing” each other publicly about pricing (25:38)

What are Scott’s thoughts about the volume of photographers who are joining the education space? (38:35)

How can we change the dynamic so that “promotors” of photography products aren’t simply doing it for kickbacks, but because they truly use and value the product they are promoting? (1:00:45)

Why does Scott feel that photographers are putting too much emphasis on networking with other photographers? (1:10:20)