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Episode 596: How to Plan Content AFTER a Styled Shoot – Shamira Preston

We’ve heard a lot about how to host a styled shoot, but not enough about what to do with the content afterward! Make sure to join us for a fascinating conversation with Shamira Preston to learn a strategy for your images after your next styled shoot!

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Show Notes:

Shamira’s Introduction (1:35)

From a coordinator’s standpoint, why is networking important between photographers and coordinators? (5:45)

How can photographers be more personal when engaging with coordinators and other industry professionals at networking events? (9:00)

Why is there not more conversation about how to use content after a styled shoot? (13:50)

What are the 3 key components of planning how to share your content from a styled shoot? (18:20)
1. Develop your voice
2. Know WHO your audience is on a deeper level
3. Utilize the marketing triangle

How do you get to know your clients on a deeper level in order to speak their language? (21:00)

What exactly is the marketing triangle? (29:30)

How can photographers plan ahead to share the content they create in a styled shoot? (35:47)