Episode 598: How to Build a Profitable Business in a Shorter Workweek – Tracy Kirkland

There’s no minimizing hard work, but there’s a BIG difference between being busy and being effective. In today’s episode with Tracy Kirkland, learn how to structure your business to make more money with less busywork – and free up a bit of time in your life!

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Show Notes:

Tracy’s Introduction (3:35)

Tracy’s backstory into how she developed a shorter workweek (7:55)

Is Tracy’s model applicable to all types of photographers – not just portrait photographers? (12:30)

What is the balance between creating freedom and flexibility in your work schedule and putting in the necessary work to grow your business? (16:43)

Where should photographers start when determining how to set up their work schedule? (23:49)

What are the most important principles photographers should implement in order to shorten their workweek? (27:07)
1. Determine your baseline numbers (revenue needed, # of days you want to work, cost per client)
2. Create a strategic workflow for each client
3. Give up time-wasting tasks
4. Plan a marketing strategy

What does “time wasting” mean to Tracy? (34:15)

Where did Tracy start when creating a website that is “high-performing”? (39:25)

What is the best way for photographers to start planning their marketing for the entire year? (45:10)