Episode 599: How to Pivot to Something New – Jasmin Blais

Need a fresh start? Maybe you’re ready to leave your “normal” job and go full-time with photography, or maybe you just want to shift the direction of your existing business? Join us for this conversation with photographer Jasmin Blais to learn how to pivot to something new intentionally, intelligently, and with minimal stress!

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Show Notes:

Jasmin’s Introduction (1:18)

Jasmin’s recent pivot in her own life and business (3:53)

What are some of the biggest fears that you have to face when making a pivot? (8:56)
1. Financial fears
2. Fear of what others think
3. Fear of letting others down
4. Fear of rejection

How did Jasmin plan for the shift in finances? (15:26)

Where did Jasmin’s fear of what others might think come from? (21:14)

Important principles that allowed Jasmin to move beyond the fear to jump into something new (34:45)
1. Understanding your values
2. Life comes in seasons
3. Don’t dwell on mistakes
4. The importance of communication