Episode 600: How to Build a Loyalty Program – Jakievious Phillips

Repeat business can make up a large part of the growth of a photography business, but what are you doing to generate that repeat business? Photographer Jakievious Phillips is here to share how to launch and develop a loyalty program for your photography clients! Make sure to listen in!

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Show Notes:

Jakievious’s Introduction (1:16)

How would you sum up what a loyalty program is? (5:05)

When did Jakievious decide to implement a loyalty program in his business? (9:15)

How does Jakievious sum up the benefits of a loyalty program to his business? (12:12)

Which genres of photography can benefit from a loyalty program? (13:48)

What 5 steps should photographers take to implement a loyalty program? (19:05)
1. Consistency and loyalty to your brand
2. Date your clients (build strong relationships)
3. Track KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
4. Implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
5. Loyalty tactics

How does Jakievious make a genuine effort to create relationships with clients? (24:53)

Why is it important to track KPI’s? (32:34)

How do Standard Operating Procedures tie in with a loyalty program? (43:32)