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Episode 251: Reaching Your Clients Through Venues – Joe Dantone

Have you considered the positive impact your relationship with wedding venues can have on your photography business?

In episode 251 of the Bokeh Podcast, Joe Dantone discusses how networking with wedding venues can be an amazing asset in your marketing plan. Listen in as he shares how prioritizing these relationships has resulted in more booked weddings than any other referral source.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Have time to decompress with someone in your life before your day starts and set aside a special day each week with your family. (4:12)

Content Recommendations: Chase Jarvis & Pye Jirsa (6:48)

Advice for Photographers:
1.Make sure you have a good accountant. (10:30)
Bonus: Check out Joe’s accountant, Mike Clipper, on the Bokeh Podcast here: bit.ly/bp-153
2. Always ask questions, listen and observe, try new things and fail to learn. (11:22)

Brand Position: Documenting genuine moments, creatively. (14:11)

The Gear Bag: “The Frankenstein” (18:29)
Manfrotto Nano Clamp: bit.ly/bp-manfrotto
Phottix US-A3 Ball Head: bit.ly/bp-phottixswivel

Joe’s Business Backstory (22:54)

Why Venues? The first place that most couples go during wedding planning is their venue. If that venue recommends you, they already have a significant amount of trust in you. (24:25)

How to Stand Out With Venues: (31:15)
1. Follow Up with the Venue: Right after the wedding is done, send the coordinator an email letting them know that you’ll send the images over shortly to use with an appreciation note.
2. Show Up and Connect: Hand deliver the images so you can put your face out there.
3. Give in Appreciation: Deliver a thank you gift at the end of the year as an Thank You