Episode 250: Is it Time To Build a Team? – Brett Yacovella

Are you experiencing enough growth in your business to consider hiring additional staff?

In episode 250 of the Bokeh Podcast, Brett Yacovella shares the ins and outs of the hiring process as he reveals five significant paradoxes in the process of growing your team.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Intentionally use tools that will allow you to create time. (2:31)

Being Present: Stop letting your technology interrupt your connections. (12:57)

Book Recommendations: (17:50)
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey – bit.ly/bp-7habits
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown – bit.ly/bp-daretolead

Advice for Photographers: (19:42)
1. You ought to not just be good in what your profession is.
2. Find your unique niche.

Brand Position: (24:18)
1. We are highly relational.
2. We come as a team.

The Gear Bag: (25:49)
1. Prophoto Lights
2. Yourself

5 Significant Paradoxes to Scaling a Business: (41:01)
1. Revenue Growth Potential with Increase Overhead Expenses (41:28)
2. Ability to Reach More People as Opposed to a Loss of Individual Connection with Your Clientele (49:30)
3. Innovation & Artistry as Opposed to Losing Control of Quality & Style through Delegation (52:24)
4. Managing and Leading People vs. Managing and Leading Clients Individually (58:01)
5. Managing Ourselves vs Leading Others.

Friction by Jeff Rosenbloom – bit.ly/bp-friction
Episode 63 with Tomas Flint – bit.ly/bp-63