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Episode 249: How to Sell More Products WITHOUT IPS – Allie Siarto

Are you leaving money on the table because you aren’t interested in implementing an in-person sales (IPS) model?

In episode 249 of the Bokeh Podcast, Allie Siarto shares how she’s successfully incorporated print sales into her workflow without having to meet up with her clients for an additional reveal.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time:
Use a scheduling tool for ease of scheduling time with people. (2:07)
Plan out time for when you’ll work and won’t work. (4:05)
Ask for help where it is needed, like childcare. (4:05)
Batch content creation. (4:28)
Automate everything you can. (4:35)

Book Recommendation: (8:28)
The Emyth – bit.ly/bp-emyth
The Zero Waste Home – bit.ly/bp-zerowaste

Advice for Photographers:
Avoid debt, budget where you can, and put some time into the business side. (15:36)

The Gear Bag:
A reflector as a traditional reflector, shade, and the bag for when someone sits on the ground. (22:03)

Benefits of Print Sales:
1. Money
2. Happier Clients

Four Ways to Virtually Sell More Print Products:
1. Curate your products. (36:06)
2. Set client expectations. (38:55)
3. Give your clients the right tools. (41:57)
4. Host a virtual viewing party. (47:40)

How to Push Sales in a Timely Manner: (52:43)
1. Set up a timer to expire the gallery.
2. Incentivize the purchase with a sale.

Schedule Once – oncehub.com
Swift Galleries – theprintmakersystem.com