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Episode 252: An Awesome Posing Flow for Couples – Sara & Alex Lucas

Do you find yourself struggling to create a consistent and smooth flow between poses during your couples sessions?

In episode 252 of the Bokeh Podcast, Sara and Alex Lucas of Al Weddings walk through their workflow to easily pose couples without hesitation. Listen in as they share their six main poses, along with variations to each pose!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Originally, Sara and Alex branded themselves as a husband and wife team, offering wedding photography and videography. Today, they’ve found that couples are looking for photographers they can connect with on a personal level and their reviews always include comments on this aspect more than the photography. (00:05:36)

Advice for Photographers: No matter where you are in your business, remember to learn and continue to educate yourself. (00:15:42)

Technique for Time: Create a structured workflow that you stick to. (00:21:03)

Book Recommendations: (00:34:38)
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – bit.ly/bp-miraclemorning
Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey – bit.ly/bp-moneymakeover

How to Set the Tone for Smooth Posing: (00:44:37)
Remember that your clients are experiencing you for the first time, so using repetitive posing is fine, they’re not going to know. You can also plan to use points of reference in your posing so that not every session feels the same.

A Posing Circle: Download the guide here! (01:03:37)
1. Walking
2. V/T Pose
3. Chest to Chest
4. Reverse V
5. Stacked (Prom)
6. Action Poses

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