Episode 213: Knowing Your Strengths to Brand Your Business – Michelle Garayua

Are you struggling to build a brand that truly represents you and attracts your ideal client? Maybe it’s time to take a look at how your skills can set you apart from your competition!

In episode 213 of the Bokeh Podcast, Michelle Garayua introduces the importance of understanding your strengths and the significance they can have in branding your business. If you’re ready to hone in on your strengths and implement them into your brand to grow your business in 2019, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes

Technique for Time:
Minimize distractions by planning out the week on “Reset Sundays.”
Plan out monthly and weekly tasks in a written calendar.
Focus Keeper App – 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break.
Workout Happy Youtube Channel

Book Recommendations:
Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas – bit.ly/bp-sacred-marriage
Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas – bit.ly/bp-sacred-parenting

Advice for Photographers:
To be successful as a business owner with photography, I have to look at my business as a CEO of my company more than a worker bee. Look at the big picture view of your business and determine what you can do to create a better business model, where you can outsource, and where you can grow.

Strengths Based Leadership:
1. Who are you leading, guiding, and developing in your business? If it’s you, you need to be growing.
2. How can you add value into you and your business?

Strengths Based Leadership in Your Branding:
1. Intake – Self-awareness through journaling activities.
2. Assess – Take the Strengths finder Assessment
3. Journal Activity – Set time aside to journal for self discovery. How will your strengths impact your marketing?
4. Strategy Session – Discuss the discovery of the journaling activity, and brainstorm changes that need to be made in the business and marketing strategy.
5. Evaluate – Set aside time to review changes and the impact they’ve made.

Questions to Ask Yourself:
1. What is your brand position and marketing plan? What’s working and not working?
2. Are you attracting your ideal clients?
3. Do you feel like your clients value your approach?

Piyo or Yogalates
The Emyth Revisitedbit.ly/emyth-revisited
Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath: bit.ly/bp-strengths-based