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Episode 280: How to Tell Stories With Boudoir Photography – Tasha Koetsch

Are you capturing more than beautiful portraits for your boudoir clients? What if you could create a storybook from each session that better portrayed the nuance of your client’s personality?

In episode 280 of the Bokeh Podcast, Tasha Koetsch of Wanderlust Boudoir describes how she approaches her boudoir sessions with the intent of telling a story. Listen in as she describes her process for creating storybooks for her clients, and how she helps develop that storyline throughout the session!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Redefining beauty through storytelling with boudoir photography.

Advice for Photographers: Network and build your community. (6:55)

Technique for Time: Scheduling on your calendar. (10:15)

Content Recommendations: CreativeLive, Kelbyone?, Associateion of International Boudoir Photographers, DoMore, Bokeh Podcast, (13:33)

The Gear Bag: Copper pipes, tea candle holders, chandelier glass(16:02)

Ways to Define Their Story: (27:04)
1. What props the client brings in for the session.
2. What theme they want to portray in their session.
3. What the client wears in the session

Style Closet Tips: Encourage clients to bring a black and nude thong to wear under the pieces.

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