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Episode 281: How to Attract International Wedding Clients – Ann Koch

Traveling the world to photograph weddings may sound like a dream, but have you considered the logistics of how to build a business to support it?

In episode 281 of the Bokeh Podcast, Ann Koch shares her experiences with international weddings, and how knowing your motivation for travel can effect your business model! Listen in as she shares the marketing components that you need to focus on in your business if you’re ready to become an international wedding photographer.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Create memories that truly represent who they are by adding a little bit of magic. (2:26)

Advice for Photographers: Integrity means everything for your clients. (6:10)

The Importance of Meditation (13:50)

Book Recommendations: Why Buddism is True – bit.ly/bp-buddismtrue (18:44)

Video Mentioned in this Episode: bit.ly/bp-youtubetherapist

The Gear Bag: Sharpie for film labelling. (22:35)

The Importance of Asking for What You Want (30:57)

Before You Decide to Focus on International Wedding Clients:
1. Understand Why You Want to Travel and the Motivation Behind It
2. Establish Trust with Your Potential Clients

Tips for Overcoming Introverted Tendencies: Ask questions so your clients are forced to talk about themselves. (44:11)

How to Get International Clients: (48:39)
1. Google and SEO
2. Referrals from Past Clients and Venues

Oura Ring – bit.ly/bp-ouraring
How to Win Friends and Influence People – bit.ly/bp-winfriends
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