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Episode 476: Social Media Engagement That Works – Kristen Schurr

You’re invited to @kschurrphoto’s Instagram party!  Don’t be late – you may miss key ideas for growing your business!

Join Kristen for episode 476 of The Bokeh Podcast, as she shares her approach to using Instagram in an authentic way – and has over 16K followers as a result! Listen in to hear how she built a full time photography business in less than a year, largely on the foundation of true engagement on social media.

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Show Notes

Brand Position:  (1:21)
Specializing in capturing how you live, love or work out west

Creating a Great Customer Experience:  (8:17)

Technique for Time: (12:00)
Don’t be afraid to say no!

Book Recommendation: (17:16)
Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson

Motivation for using Instagram more strategically: (24:47)

Kristen’s approach to using Instagram: (32:44)
1. Be authentic vs. oversharing – treat Instagram like a party!
2. Build Trust
3. Engage others as you would want to be engaged

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