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Episode 76: How To Sell More Prints – James Kelly

Do you ever wonder how you can drive print sales in your photography business?

In episode 76 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer James Kelly of Scotland shares how he has built a business that focuses on providing his clients with a physical product. Listen as he shares his three step process for growing print sales.

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Show Notes

About James: James is a wedding, landscape, and equine photographer in North East Scotland. When he’s not shooting, you can find him spending time with his fiancee, son, and cocker spaniel.

James’ “Aha” Moment: When he had his first son, it changed the outlook on his whole life and business.

James’ Guide to Sales for Prints & Albums
1. Review your pricing and make your print sales a priority. James charges more for his service so he can price his prints lower and the client ends up getting more for their money.
2. Communicate the quality of your services & offerings to your clients.
3. Select a company that will provide you with the best quality.

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