Episode 75: Deep Work: How to Focus and Get More Done – Rich and Heather Smith

Do you ever have trouble staying focused on your work? With a world of unlimited distractions, it can be hard to find that focus.

In episode 75 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographers Rich and Heather Smith share how they’ve adjusted the techniques in their daily routine to dive into deep work without distractions. Listen is as they share the difference between focusing on deep work and shallow work, provide techniques for productivity, and tools for minimizing distractions.

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Show Notes

Rich & Heather’s Aha Moment: Getting your business to go deeper and realizing that there is more to the business that can be found.

Random Fact About Rich: He’s very adventurous, naming himself an adrenaline junkie.

Random Fact About Heather: She’s lived through more natural disasters than anyone she knows, from earthquakes to mudslides.

Technique for Finding Free Time: Simply make it happen. The Smiths take December off every year to spend with their family.

Deep Work vs. Shallow Work: Deep work can be described as work that takes heavy concentration with no distractions. Shallow work can be described as the type of work that can be taught to someone else easily.

Primary Changes to Focus on Deep Work:
1. Accountability with Mentorship
2. Time Blocking

Deep Work – Cal Newport
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