Episode 74: Entrepreneurship and Self-care – Sara O’Hara

Does your business get so overwhelming that you have little to no time for self-care?

In episode 74 of the Bokeh Podcast, Sara O’Hara of Sara Jeanne Photography opens up about a time in her life when she realized, not only the importance of self-care, but the impact it had on her business.  Listen as we dive into the importance of emotional health, embracing time management techniques, and Sara’s four steps to self-care.

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Show Notes

About Sara: Sara is a wedding photographer in Montana, but also works for the International Academy of Wedding Photographers. She loves the mountains, coffee, dark beer, and traveling.

Sara’s Aha Moment: While you can do anything, you can’t do everything.

Time Management Technique: Sara’s learned that the best way to get things done is to schedule it. They plan ahead for everything, date nights, days off, weddings, consultations, etc.

Four Steps to Self Care:
1. Schedule Time Off – Take the time to care for yourself and enjoy time for yourself. If that means you need to put it on the calendar to make it happen, then put it on your calendar.
2. Define Your Own Success – While there are so many different definitions of successful, make sure the goal you’re striving for is one that you’re setting for yourself and planning for.
3. Live Three Miles Deep Instead Of Three Miles Wide – Rather than focusing on the surface level things, put your efforts into the things that truly matter and will help grow your business.
4. Outsource – Whether you’re outsourcing a component of your business or your personal life, review the tasks you’re completing and analyze what pieces are absolutely necessary for you to be involved in, then outsource the rest.

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