Episode 73: Time Management for the Photographer – Erika Grace

Do you ever feel short on time? As if you’re unable to manage your schedule well enough to effectively run your photography business?

In episode 73 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer Erika Grace shares the techniques and workflows she uses to manage her weekly schedule. Listen in as she explains the importance of organization and repetition in her schedule that allows her to efficiently operate her business with little to no stress.

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Show Notes

About Erika: Erika is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Deland, Florida.

Erika’s Aha Moment: When Erika realized she could make a living doing what she loved, it motivated her to pursue the trade.

Time Management Technique: Erika has created a weekly schedule that include certain tasks set for certain days of the week.

What Organization Means to Erika: When it comes to photography, Erika has no problems being carefree. When it comes to business, Erika has to stay organized in order to successfully run her business.

One Tip for Maintaining Time Management: Get into a repetitive groove that will allow for you to get more work done.