Bonus Episode: Relationship Marketing Can’t Be Forgotten – Krista Marie

We all know that social media is an extremely powerful tool to drive brand awareness and new business! However, we can easily forget about getting out from behind the phone and creating in-person relationships with those that can ALSO drive significant business our way. Krista Marie is here to share strategies for engaging in personal relationships to help grow your business!

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Show Notes:

Krista Marie’s introduction (5:30)

What big idea does Krista wish she’d known when she started her business? (8:35)

What was the turning point that made Krista realize the importance of building relationships for her business? (10:13)

How does Krista prioritize relationships as a tool for marketing? (12:30)
1. Establish an intentional mindset that relationship marketing is a long-term play
2. Provide value to others for a mutual relationship
3. Develop relationships with other photographers in your area
4. Be active and engaged in your community