Episode 606: How to Use AI to Market Your Business – Mike Lloyd

AI has created nervousness and apprehension for so many, but what if we shifted our mindset about the technology and figured out how to use it for our benefit? Join us for this conversation with photographer Mike Lloyd to learn how to leverage AI to market and build your business!

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Show Notes:

Mike’s introduction (1:05)

What is a big idea or principle that has helped drive Mike’s business over the years? (8:28)

What was Mike’s first introduction to using AI? (11:55)

Why are we so “scared” of AI becoming more mainstream? (13:50)

What was the turning point for Mike that pushed him to leverage AI in his business? (17:42)

What AI tools would Mike recommend photographers try? (20:29)

How has Mike implemented AI into marketing his business? (22:10)
1. Blog writing
2. Email copy generation
3. Writing ad copy
4. Creating client profiles
5. Social media content generation