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Bonus Episode: The Importance of a Timeline for Customer Experience – Leah Daniels

So much of creating a great customer experience is about managing expectations, and when it comes to wedding photography, what better way to do this than with a great timeline? Listen in to this conversation with photographer Leah Daniels to learn how to create a powerful timeline for an amazing customer experience!

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Show Notes:

Leah’s Introduction (2:13)

What was the big idea or principle that Leah wishes she’d known she started her photography business? (4:42)

When did Leah implement timelines into her wedding day shoots? (8:10)

When does Leah work with her clients to create the shot list needed for the timeline? (9:20)

What are the big principles photographers need to implement in order to use timelines successfully? (12:30)
1. Create awareness with the couple about the use of a timeline
2. Check in with couples regularly for any updates
3. Establish the first-look protocol
4. Get family details/needs for family portraits

What does Leah use for her timeline – paper or electronic? (27:30)