Episode 607: How to Get Through Busy Season Without Overwhelm – Sara Price

There seems to be a subconscious assumption that being a photography business owner equals chaotic, high-hour work weeks – especially during busy season! But what if that wasn’t the case?! Photographer Sara Price is here to share with us how to minimize overwhelm with a more intentional approach to workflow!

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Show Notes:

Sara’s introduction (1:40)

What is one thing that Sara has implemented that has helped her business to move forward and grow? (7:15)

What is a big principle or idea that helped Sara as she started and grew her business? (19:38)

What did Sara’s life as a photographer look like before she made changes that minimized overwhelm? (22:30)

What was the turning point that caused Sara to make change? (25:16)

What were some of the areas of Sara’s business that she adjusted in order to minimize overwhelm? (31:03)

3 big ideas that allow Sara to minimize overwhelm? (36:41)
1. ” I don’t do overwhelm” mantra
2. Filtering what you give your attention to
3. Adapt to the mindset of focusing on fun – both in business and life

Where is the balance between having fun and making sure that you’re focusing on your business enough? (48:10)