Bonus Episode: Quality Over Quantity – Ellen Bramblet

Do you feel overwhelmed when you realize how many images you’ve taken during a session? Photographer, Ellen Cramblet joins us to share her journey toward realizing that “clarity is kindness,” and that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to deliverables. Tune in as we discuss shooting with intention, and how the images that we deliver are a reflection of our brand!

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Show Notes:

Ellen’s introduction (1:10)

Ellen’s photography business background (2:03)

Ellen’s brand position (4:00)

What is the one big idea Ellen wishes she knew when she started her business? (5:46)

How long did it take Ellen to realize quality was better than quantity? (8:55)

Terminology for context (11:00)

What are the next steps to make toward cutting back on quantity and focusing on quality? (12:28)
1. Shoot with intention
2. Be mindful that what you deliver is a reflection of your brand
3. Understand that confidence and shooting with purpose come with time