Episode 618: How to Get Your Life Back with a CRM – Jorge Bernardes

We have a lot of moving parts to keep up with as photography business owners, and the whole experience can get quite overwhelming at times! Fortunately, there are incredible tools in CRM’s that will help us streamline our workflow, minimize overwhelm, and have more freedom as business owners. Listen in to this conversation with photographer Jorge Bernardes to learn how!

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Show Notes:

Jorge’s Introduction (3:50)

What is one big principle that has enabled Jorge to maintain a life while running his business? (6:00)

Can being organized and structured actually allow you to be more creative? (9:45)

What is one big idea or principle that has allowed Jorge to grow his business? (13:20)

How does Jorge decide what to focus his time on? (18:20)

How would Jorge define organization or “being organized”? (25:35)

3 important principles of strong organization (28:11)
1. Simplify
2. Systematize workflow
3. Analyze the work and start over

What are a few key features photographers should look for in a CRM? (37:36)
1. Ability to handle common tasks
2. Flexibility to meet your workflow
3. Ability to integrate with other systems

How can photographers minimize the frustrations and time it takes to set up a CRM? (46:00)
1. Have faith in the benefit of implementing systems
2. Outline workflow prior to setting up the CRM
3. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start
4. Hire a service to set up the CRM for you